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(Java™ required)

What is Tetris?

Tetris is a multiplayer game where you can join your friends and play Tetris battles against each other. The goal is to annoy your enemy by sending as much lines and special bombs as possible, just until he can't move anymore.

How to play?

The rules are easy and are based on the original Tetris game, with a few new features:

Sending lines

You can send lines to your enemy by clearing two or more of your own lines, or by activating a combo. The more lines you clear with one move, the more lines you'll send. Once you clear lines with two moves in a row, you'll receive a combo. Try combining the two methods for a maximum of lines send!

Special blocks

Specials blocks will appear random in the game when clearing your own lines. Once you clear a line with a special block in it, it will become visible in your special blocks buffer and you'll be able to use it.
To use the special block in the buffer, press: List of the special blocks:

Holing blocks

You are able to hold 1 block. This can be activated by the "R"-, or "C"-key. This features can only be activated once each move.